Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator

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The Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator (SCI) aims to increase the use of renewable energy in the region by assisting the nine companies currently participating in the incubator’s program. This assistance includes mentoring in both entrepreneurship and the growing field of clean energy, which refers to any source of power that doesn’t pollute or harm the environment. 

In 2017, SCI became the newest member of the New York State-backed incubator network, furthering the region’s growth as a hub of clean energy development and manufacturing. SCI strives to start, attract and grow and companies in the clean energy field and help New York State reach its ambitious renewable energy goals.

Clean Energy Program Director Alex Hagen, pictured farthest left, has extensive management experience with multiple types of projects including new system implementation, process improvements and change management. Alex is CFO at and has worked with energy companies for over a decade. He will be mentoring all clean energy companies within the incubator.

Charging Forward

Perhaps the most well-known members of the Clean Energy Program are Charge CCCV (C4V) and Imperium3, the latter a consortium and member company aiming to bring the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries to the Southern Tier. C4V, founded by former Binghamton University postdoctoral researcher Shailesh Upreti, focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, which provide more power than traditional batteries because of an improved chemical composition.  Imperium3 plans to open a factory on Endicott’s Huron Campus by the end of 2019, bringing more than 200 jobs to the area. Because the high-powered batteries can be reused, they’re a prime example of clean energy —  any source of power that doesn’t pollute or harm the environment. 

Member companies

AgZeit (pronounced “Excite”) is an indoor farm producing organically grown, high quality produce for local grocers, restaurants and everyday customers.

BRASH Engines, Inc. proposes a modular power generation system capable of providing combined heat and power (CHP) from any combustible fuel. The high-torque shaft power is capable of providing mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic power on demand, in addition to heat.

C4V is a knowledge company possessing critical insight related to the optimum performance of lithium ion batteries. Key discoveries have been fruitful in vastly extending battery life, safety and charge performance.

ChromaNanoTech is a start-up that produces nanomaterials for various optical technology applications. It’s a partnership of five inventors of a patent-pending invention filing for a nano-material which enhances the properties and durability of synthetic dyes active in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrum.

Dimensional Energy makes solar fuels viable through efficient utilization and even distribution of sunlight in scalable reactor forms with novel, functionalized catalysts.

Empower Equity, Inc (EMPEQ) brings financial efficiency to energy efficiency. Its UnFinancing program pairs proprietary Empower Visibility platform while its Simple Energy Subscription model provides complex financing capabilities to middle-market energy efficiency contractors, OEMs, and utilities.

EthosGen specializes in transforming heat waste to resilient, renewable energy sources. Its Sorption-Energy System captures different forms of industrial heat including solar, geothermal and that produced by manufacturing processes before converting them into storable energy sources with cooling capacities. This improves existing systems without the need for complete replacement.

Imperium3 is owned by a consortium that includes Charge CCCV (C4V), founded by former postdoctoral researcher Shailesh Upreti on the Binghamton University campus in 2014. It will invest more than $130 million and create at least 230 new jobs over the next five years by operating the state’s first giga-factory producing lithium ion batteries.

SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems are innovative building integrated solar solutions that provide customers an attractive alternative to standard solar.

Clean Energy Program Benefits

Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs
Access to co-working space
Introductions to industry stakeholders, customers, and investors
Wet and dry lab space available
Support in raising capital, finance and accounting services
Complimentary coffee
Free parking